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Student Status

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In clevr, a student can have one of three statuses. The status of a student is determined based on their setup within your Student [...]

Linked Accounts

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Linked Accounts were introduced with the clevr 9.1 release. They are perfect for users who require more than one role within clevr, or for [...]

Import Data

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Some specially marked fields within clevr forms are flagged to receive data from your Student Information System (Ex: Maplewood, PowerSchool, Tyler, Follett, etc). These [...]

Homescreen Overview

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The screen most users land on upon logging into clevr is called the Homescreen. There are many different areas and functions on the Homescreen, [...]

Forgot Password?

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Note: If your clevr login screen says the name of your District or Division, if you log into clevr with your District username and [...]

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