The Biggest Difference is Our Commitment to Customer Success

The Biggest Difference is Our Commitment to Customer Success

At clevr we pride ourselves on our customers getting real benefits, quickly. That means we work hard every day to understand your needs, become an extension of your team, and deliver incremental value – not just on day one. No wonder that after 15 years we’ve retained 98% of our customers who give us positive reviews.

Our goal is not to replicate your existing forms and work processes – but make them even better! Whether it’s a standard form that has been used for years or a new initiative — our team of experts are trained and experienced to find the best way forward. Our collaboration with each client always sparks some very engaging and interesting conversation that ultimately leads to digital transformation that is the culmination of district-level priorities, and modern digital capabilities.

Our Consultative Approach

Catalog Your Forms

Discuss what forms you have in place now, understanding what the form is capturing, and who uses the form.

Assess & Analyze

Identify any redundant forms that can be combined and discuss ways that the form can be improved or optimized. i.e. integrations, automations, workflows, other digital capabilities

Consider Alternatives

Can a pre-built solution fill the need? We have over 4,000 pre-built solutions available via our Solution Gallery.

Implement New Solutions

Seamlessly deploy solutions to staff/parents/students that are consistent, accessible, and easy to use.

Support Every Step of the Way

We provide both Online Self-Service and 1-1 Technology Support to all our clients. This service is included with the annual license fee. Technical support requests range from cosmetic changes to the forms/reports, enhancements to the system, integration support with your SIS, user management/access, SSO – we are committed to servicing our clients quickly and effectively.

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Quick Response Time

The Help Center will support you as you learn about and use clevr. Easy to use interface that allows you to filter by content type, and topic to find exactly what you’re looking for. Learn about new features, keep up to date with release notes, and access a wide variety of documentation, how to videos, webinar recordings, and much more. The clevr Help Center is your one-stop-shop to learn how to use clevr, fix a problem, and get answers to your questions quickly.

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Online Help Center

Highly trained and knowledgeable Support Agents are available via phone and email to provide general customer care and technical support. Each support ticket is triaged, evaluating the business impact and directing support tickets to the right person, quickly and effectively. We use various tools to diagnose problems and can see what our customer sees with a real-time visual support session.

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We have built our own in-house IT Support Team which increases the speed at which we are able to solve any technical problems that come up. This provide better control over the quality of services delivered. Our internal support team also understands the company ethos and understands the needs of our clients. Able to spot problems within your system quicker than an outsourced support team.

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1:1 Consultation

Get expert guidance to help you optimize existing forms & workflow and discuss ways to get more out of the platform. Customer Success Coordinators (CSCs) will personally review active and future projects to ensure you have the right team and resources in place to be successful. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) understand the workflows and requirements of each client and will provide guidance on how best to design your forms for optimum efficiency and ease of use.

Common Questions

More specific questions? We’d love to answer them for you!