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Early Literacy Screeners for Ontario
Hosted by  Darryl Denyes, Dave Giroux
In this 20-minute overview and demo, CEO, Darryl Denyes, will demonstrate a variety of early literacy screeners built by several Ontario Districts — to provide a consistent system to record each student’s screening results, store data centrally and use it to make evidence-based decisions. You’ll learn why 140 + school districts are using clevr to improve transparency and communication between teachers, clinicians, other school staff, students and parents.
Exploring Digital Forms for School Districts in BC, Canada
Hosted by  Darryl Denyes
If your district is looking for a one-stop solution to ease the administrative burden of manual data collection and clunky workflows - attend this 20-minute webinar to learn how 20% of school districts in British Columbia are solving these issues today.
Student Learning Plans (SLP) - SD23 Central Okanagan Public Schools
In this 8-minute overview and demo, Jon Rever, Assistant Superintendent at Central Okanagan School District provides an overview of their SLP solution — to support alignment and coherence across 48 school communities.
Emergency Response Plans - Anglophone West School District
In this 6-minute Overview and Demo, Dan Lawson, Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator at Anglophone West School District will walk us through their fully-digital solution to house all their health & safety documents in one place.
Performance Appraisal Process - Simcoe County District School Board
In this 8-minute Overview and Demo, Primose Goss, Principal of Leadership at Simcoe County District School Board will walk us through their - one stop shop- to house all their appraisal documents in one place.
Literacy Assessment Forms - Renfrew County Catholic District School Board
In this 7-minute Overview and Demo, Scott Nichol, School Effectiveness Principal at Renfrew County Catholic District School Board will show you how you can use clevr to collect literacy assessment data — in just minutes — aligned with the recommendations in the Right to Read report.