In clevr, a student can have one of three statuses. The status of a student is determined based on their setup within your Student Information System (SIS – Ex: Maplewood, PowerSchool, Tyler, Follett, etc). Student status is updated automatically each night when the SIS Integration runs:

  • Active – Current students

  • Inactive – Students who have left the district (Ex: move, graduation)

  • Pre-registered – Students who have been added to your SIS who have a start date in the future (Ex: in the Fall new K students are pre-registered after they have been added to your SIS but before the first day of classes)

Students are automatically filtered based on their status. You can control the status of the students you see on the Homescreen by changing the status dropdown which can be found to the left of the forms dropdown.

By default this dropdown is set to active which displays only current students on the Homescreen. When a student changes schools or leaves the district / division they will automatically move to the inactive list. You can still find these students by changing this status dropdown to inactive and clicking the search button.

clevr Classroom Observation Request inactive selected with search button

Within the Add Screen you will find another status dropdown to control which students you add to a form. Select the appropriate status, enter your search parameter, and press search.

clevr Classroom Observation Request Pre-registered selection