Linked Accounts were introduced with the clevr 9.1 release. They are perfect for users who require more than one role within clevr, or for those who require access to more than one district / division.

After the clevr team has linked an account, an icon shown below in the top left icon bar. This icon is only visible when an account has been linked.

clevr linked accounts icon

If the user has only two accounts linked, clicking on this icon will log the user out of their first account and into their second. When a user has three or more linked accounts, clicking this icon will open a window where a user can select the account they would like to log in to. To log in to another account, a user needs to simply click the alias of the account they would like to log in to. After a few seconds they will be automatically logged in.

clevr available accounts list

Notes on Linked User Accounts 

  • Linked accounts are able to be used with active directory clients

  • There is no limit to the amount of accounts you can have linked

  • Multiple accounts within a single district or across multiple districts can be linked