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Location: British Columbia, Canada
District Website: School District 46 – Sunshine Coast
Client Since: 2020


In this case study, we will explore how School District 46 on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia successfully streamlined their data collection and improved collaboration through the implementation of Clevr, a comprehensive and intuitive referral and data collection platform. We will delve into the challenges faced by the district, the benefits and value Clevr brought to their processes, and their plans for future improvements.


School District 46 on the Sunshine Coast spans 180 kilometers of coastline, serving approximately 3,900 students across nine elementary schools, three secondary schools, and two alternative schools. Being located on the coast, the district faces unique challenges with transportation, relying on ferry services for access to and from the region.


Before the implementation of Clevr, School District 46 faced inefficiencies and complications due to manual data collection methods. The district recognized the importance of data collection and analysis in their education system, but the existing workflows and paperwork hindered their efficiency.


Clevr presented the district with an innovative and informative referral and data collection platform that streamlined and automated their processes. By replacing traditional manual methods with electronic forms, Clevr fostered collaboration between different teams and integrated modern digital referral forms and data collection methods into school operations.

Forms and Workflows

Starting with just three forms, the district expanded their usage to 14 forms over time. These forms were utilized by administrators, the district support team, school counselors, and inclusion support teachers. Clevr provided various workflows and permissions to make the processes more efficient throughout the district. The ability to design custom forms and workflows empowered the district to tailor Clevr to their specific needs.

Impact and Benefits

The implementation of Clevr significantly improved the district’s data collection and decision-making processes. The efficient data collection, automated workflows, and improved reporting capabilities allowed educators to gain consolidated, clear insights and develop accurate action plans. By replacing tedious paperwork with seamless digital systems, Clevr reduced administrative burden and promoted efficiency across the district.

Collaboration and Integration

One of the most valuable aspects of Clevr for School District 46 was its ability to promote collaboration between different systems, schools, and teams, including external agencies in the community. Clevr served as a live environment where all stakeholders could access and contribute to the data, enabling integral support for students.

Future Plans

The district is continuously looking for ways to leverage Clevr further. With ongoing discussions within the team, new forms, workflows, and reports are being identified for development. The district is particularly excited about the automated integration between Clevr and their student information system, MyEd. This integration will streamline the data integration process, allowing timely access to important student information.


School District 46’s journey with Clevr has revolutionized their educational referral and data management processes. By leveraging the platform’s intuitive interface, efficient data collection, and automated workflows, the district has significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of their processes. Clevr’s ability to foster collaboration and provide a comprehensive solution has made it an invaluable tool for School District 46 on the Sunshine Coast.

“Clevr is a game changer for any school district aiming to improve efficiency and decision making. Clevr promotes collaboration between our different systems and teams”

Assistant to the Director of Instruction for Inclusive Education
School District 46 – Sunshine Coast

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Clevr’s digital forms, workflow, and reporting solution helps streamline important and often inefficient processes required in K-12.