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Location: British Columbia, Canada
District Website: Rocky Mountain School District No. 6
Client Since: 2022


Rocky Mountain School District No.6 (SD6) operates in the eastern side of the province of British Columbia, near the Rocky Mountains and the border of Alberta. With 11 elementary schools, three secondary schools, an alternate program, and an online learning program, SD6 serves approximately 3,500 students and 750 staff members. In its pursuit of environmental stewardship, operational efficiency, and improved parent experiences, SD6 found a solution in Clevr.

Challenges and Goals

As the Director of Instruction at SD6, Trent Dolgopol is involved with implementing new initiatives related to curriculum instruction, technology integration, and Indigenous education. Trent also oversees the district’s technology portfolio, which involves optimizing tool usage for learners, reducing environmental impacts, and digitizing paper-based workflows. By exploring digital form solutions, SD6 aimed to address the following challenges and goals:

1. Environmental Stewardship: SD6 wanted to reduce paper usage, carbon footprint, and overall environmental impact.

2. Operational Efficiency: The district sought to streamline workflows, enhance data management, and improve staff productivity.

3. Parent Experience: SD6 aimed to offer a more convenient and user-friendly experience for parents, minimizing the reliance on paper-based forms and enabling digital completion.

Solution: Clevr’s Customizable Forms and Collaborative Approach

Clevr proved to be the ideal solution for SD6, providing the district with customizable forms and a collaborative platform for form development. SD6 leveraged Clevr’s expertise, support, and templates shared among districts across Canada. Clevr’s development team, including primary liaison Amanda Stewart, worked closely with Trent and his team to address questions, make timely changes, and ensure a successful implementation.

The Clevr solution offered the following key benefits for SD6

1. Customization: SD6 could tailor forms to their specific requirements, workflows, and permission settings. This flexibility allowed them to create forms that aligned with their unique district needs.

2. Shared Templates: Clevr’s platform enabled collaboration among districts, allowing them to share pre-existing forms and templates. This eliminated the need for reinventing the wheel and facilitated faster implementation.

3. Data Management: Clevr’s system provided advanced search and sort functionalities, significantly improving data management and analysis. SD6 could quickly filter and export information, eliminating the need for manual data entry and spreadsheet creation.

4. Timely Support: Clevr’s responsive and knowledgeable team ensured that SD6’s questions and requests were addressed in a timely manner. The team’s collaborative approach and commitment to making the required form and product changes, has left SD6 feeling confident about the system’s ongoing enhancements.

Forms Implemented at SD6:

SD6 successfully implemented several school-based forms using Clevr’s platform. These included:

1. Student Registration Form: SD6 digitized the registration process, enabling parents to complete registration forms online, which were automatically forwarded to the respective school administrators for review and processing.

2. School Startup Package: SD6 replaced a 12-page paper package with a digital version for all students and families to complete at the beginning of the school year. This package included various forms allowing parents to provide consents and confirm student information, simplifying the process for schools and families.

3. Health and Safety Forms: SD6 launched health and safety forms for staff members in February 2024. Clevr’s platform will streamline the collection and management of essential health and safety information.

Results and Future Impact:

By adopting Clevr’s digital form solutions, SD6 achieved significant improvements in its daily operations and overall efficiency. The district noticed the following outcomes:

1. Streamlined Workflows: Clevr’s platform eliminated the need for manual sorting and storing of paper forms, significantly reducing administrative burdens for staff members. Filtering and exporting data became seamless, saving time and effort.

2. Enhanced Parent Experience: SD6’s transition to digital forms provided parents with a more convenient and user-friendly experience. Completing forms digitally reduced paperwork sent home with students, enhancing communication and engagement.

3. Environmental Impact: SD6’s transition to digital forms aligned with its commitment to environmental stewardship, significantly reducing paper usage and carbon footprint. The district embraced digitization, contributing to a sustainable future.


Through the implementation of Clevr’s customizable forms, Rocky Mountain School District No.6 is achieving its goals of environmental stewardship, operational efficiency, and improved parent experiences. Clevr’s collaborative approach, expertise, and timely support empowered SD6 to streamline workflows, digitize paper-based processes, and enhance data management. Looking ahead, SD6 anticipates adding more forms related to learning services and tailored to their specific context. SD6 appreciates Clevr’s commitment to ongoing enhancements and anticipates that the system will expand to support other departments as well in the future.

“Working with Clevr has been a very positive experience. One major benefit to us, was the vast collection of form templates from other districts across Canada that we could leverage and knowing that we’re not reinventing the wheel every time.”

Director of Instruction
Rocky Mountain School District No. 6

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