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In the past, school districts relied on InfoPath Forms as their go-to solution for managing electronic forms and templates. However, with Microsoft discontinuing support for InfoPath in 2014, many districts have been left searching for a new and reliable alternative.

Enter Clevr Forms, an electronic data collection template solution designed to empower school districts with tools for implementing, managing, distributing, processing, and storing information on electronic templates and forms. This blog post will explore the key features and benefits of Clevr Forms and how it can revolutionize workflows, saving both time and money for school districts.

Key Features of Clevr Forms

Clevr Forms offers a range of powerful features, including role-based granular permissions. With this capability, school districts can ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive student and staff information. By assigning specific roles and permissions, Clevr Forms guarantees that users can only see and edit the information they are authorized to access. This robust security framework not only protects confidential data but also streamlines workflows by providing users with a clear view of their responsibilities and tasks, ensuring that the right people have access to the right information, enhancing overall data management efficiency.

Another standout feature is the flexibility of customizable templates. Our dynamic software template development functionality, coupled with quick turnaround times and a commitment to understanding client needs, ensures that school districts can create forms that match their requirements precisely.

Clevr Forms seamlessly integrates with other platforms, PowerSchool, eSchool, and other SIS, HRMS, ERP systems, allowing effortless incorporation into existing workflows and processes. The ability to share data between different systems simplifies operations, reduces manual data entry, and optimizes efficiency.

When compared to InfoPath Forms, Clevr Forms boasts several advantages, including a broader range of templates and customization options. Its enhanced compatibility with other platforms ensures smoother integration with existing workflows.

Benefits of Using Clevr Forms

The advantages of Clevr Forms are numerous. Firstly, it offers a user-friendly experience, featuring the drag-and-drop form builder and customizable templates that require no technical expertise. This simplicity allows school districts to create forms quickly and efficiently.

Clevr Forms streamlines workflows by eliminating the need for physical form storage and reducing incoming paper. Accessing and managing information becomes easier, resulting in reduced errors and delays.

Additionally, Clevr Forms is cost-effective. By eliminating physical storage needs and reducing the time and effort spent on form management and processing, school districts can allocate their resources more efficiently.

Real-life examples of how Clevr Forms has improved processes and saved time and money include the Rockwood School District, which successfully migrated 50 forms within the first year of adopting Clevr Forms. Streamlining processes allowed them to focus on critical tasks and make better data-driven decisions.

How to Migrate from InfoPath Forms to Clevr Forms

Migrating from InfoPath Forms to Clevr Forms is a seamless process. School districts can initiate the process by contacting the Clevr Forms team and providing blank sample forms.

The Clevr Forms team works closely with the district to design and create forms using the dynamic software template development functionality. Regular updates and feedback from the district ensure that the first draft is ready in 2-3 weeks. Piloting the forms with a small group allows for final adjustments before launching them district-wide.

Although the migration process is straightforward, users may encounter some challenges. For instance, the differences in form design between InfoPath Forms and Clevr Forms may require a period of adjustment. Additional training may also be necessary to fully leverage Clevr Forms’ features.

Customer Success Stories

Clevr Forms has proven its impact on school districts, improving workflows and supporting education goals. The Anglophone West School District, for example, enhanced emergency information access and historical data management using Clevr Forms.

Another success story is the Simcoe County District School Board, which implemented a Performance Appraisal System for all employee groups on a single platform using Clevr Forms. This streamlined workflow automation and improved document sharing between employees and supervisors.

These real-life examples demonstrate the adaptability and versatility of Clevr Forms to cater to the unique needs of different school districts.


In conclusion, Clevr Forms presents a powerful solution for electronic data collection templates, surpassing InfoPath Forms in usability and flexibility. With its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and seamless integration with other platforms, Clevr Forms is the ideal choice for school districts of all sizes.

The migration process from InfoPath Forms to Clevr Forms is straightforward, resulting in time and cost savings while enhancing workflows. To learn more about Clevr Forms or sign up for a free trial, visit our website. Our team is always available to answer questions and guide you in adopting Clevr Forms to enhance your school district’s efficiency and effectiveness. Start with Clevr Forms today!

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