Release Notes

Version 23.21.0

Released: November 6th, 2023

clevr Configuration Module

  • When deleting a role in Clevr Configuration, users will no longer encounter the issue where they confirm the deletion, and nothing happens.
  • We have streamlined the Tenant Logo functionality by integrating it into the Clevr Configuration module. To add a new logo image, simply click on the image within the “Details” card. If you wish to delete a logo and revert to the default “Clevr” logo, access the “Edit Details” modal and select “Delete Logo” on the left side.


  • When utilizing the “Add” modal within the Listings Card, the “is not” operator will now provide more precise search results.
  • We have expanded the capability to edit Listings Card column layouts. Now, all users with access to edit Dashboard Templates can modify these layouts. This ability was previously limited to the user who created the Template.
  • For users who receive the “Dashboard Modernization” message in their message card, the “Resources” links have been updated to go to our new Help Center.
  • While viewing the Dashboard, you might have noticed harmless random characters appearing in the bottom left corner. We’ve addressed this issue, and these characters have been successfully removed.

Form Interface

  • When deleting a person’s last record for a form, an automated process will now manage the cleanup of associated data for those records.
  • When editing a form and trying to include the “DataTable” custom type, the DataTable is now visible in the Form Interface instead of receiving an error message. This resolution addresses the issue that previously affected users not utilizing the primary Canadian server.
  • When users send emails by utilizing the “Email” button located above the tabs in most forms, all selected PDF reports will now be correctly attached to the email.
  • In certain form layouts, there was an issue where the “Last Modified By” label overlapped with the Completion Meter. To resolve this, we have updated the “Last Modified By” to prevent any overlap.