Release Notes

Version 23.19.0

Released: October 10th, 2023

clevr Configuration Module

  • Updated the “Edit Active Directory Group Configuration” modal to properly respect required field for saving.


  • For clients using the multi-role feature, the Listings card will now accurately show the records of persons who belong to a role with to the form and a role without access.
  • Users with permission to create and edit Dashboard Templates will no longer experience inadvertent logouts when switching to edit a template.

Form Management

  • Corrected an error that would prevent role Form Rights from propagating to Manually Managed users in that role.
  • Corrected an issue that would prevent the application of Form Rights to roles.

Form Interface

  • On locked records, you will be able to see the Infotips within the form interface. Previously, they were not be displayed.


  • Improved how uploaded files and images are stored to increase resiliency.

Merge Persons Module

  • Users of the Merge Persons module will no longer encounter the “An error has occurred.” message while attempting to merge two or more persons.

Person Management Module

  • We have improved the performance of the Person Management module, and improved the Person Search results to properly denote when a person would be considered inactive and active, based on their roles and locations.

User Authentication

  • For users of Single Sign-On (SSO), you will no longer be redirected to perform a mandatory password reset when logging in via SSO. Previously, users who were logging in via SSO, who had been flagged to reset their password and didn’t have the permission to reset their password would encounter a blank white page during login.
  • Users of organizations who have switched from ADFS to SSO for their authentication will now be redirected to their SSO page when they attempt to use their old ADFS page.