Release Notes

Version 23.13.0

Released: July 17th, 2023

Advanced Search

  • Improved performance of the Advanced Search module.

Bulk Data Entry

  • Added the ability to include standard special characters (e.i. &, $, #) in the input of the Bulk Data Entry module.

clevr Configuration

  • Removed some required fields in the Active Directory Card that were preventing valid security groups from being added.


  • Updated the URLs in the help menu to point to the Top Rated Data Sharing Platform for K-12 | clevr site instead of clevr Community .
  • The legacy Dashboard was updated to remember the last form a user accessed and log into that form. Users using this dashboard will no longer always log into their default form.
  • Added the ability for parents to add a record / form to their children via the Student Record Access card on the Dashboard.

Form Viewer

  • Corrected a bug that would open a form to a record with the highest Record ID instead of the most recent active record.
  • Added support for multiple lines to the Form Email modal.

Groups and Classes

  • Updated Groups and Classes module to improve the User Interface, as well as improve capability and performance.
  • Added Multirole support.
  • Improved Group/Class searchability.

Login Audit Log

  • The Login Audit Log has been updated to improve capability and performance.
    For more information on the use of the Login Audit Log, please go to Login Audit Log | clevr

Merge Persons / Duplicate Finder

  • “Merge Persons Legacy” module has been removed. The module has been replaced by the “Merge Persons” module.
    For more information on the use of the Merge Persons module, please go to Merge Persons – Administrator Documentation | clevr
  • Fixed a bug where the filtering in Merge Persons would not return the correct results.
  • Corrected an Integration Error that would prevent two persons from being merged by Merge Persons or Dupe Finder.
  • Corrected an bug that would prevent duplicated persons from being discovered by Duplicate Finder.


  • Corrected a record access issue that affected users with multiple roles at separate locations.


  • Corrected a bug that would include deleted notifications in the “Unread Notification” badge count.

Person Management

  • Updated Person Management UI to properly reflect that roles can not be Automated if the person is Manually Managed. When a person is set to Manually managed, all roles will be set to Manually Managed and can not be changed.
  • Updated Person Management UI to remove the “Default Form” from a User’s Roles. Upon first login, a user will use the Role’s Default Form, and then all subsequent logins will start on the last form selected in the Listings card.

Record Rollover Wizard

  • Improved the Summary Table of the Record Rollover Wizard. You can now view all the previous settings used by opening the Rollover Details modal.
  • Provided a warning indicator that a user does not have access to a location when performing a rollover.
  • Added an infotip linking to documentation for the Rollover Wizard.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the contents of Rich Text Editors from appearing in reports properly.
  • Corrected a bug with the Report Editor where report settings were not being properly applied in preview.
  • Corrected an error that would prevent multi-record aggregate reports from generating when 1000+ persons were selected.
  • Improved report generation to prevent it from negatively impacting site performance.

Self Service

  • Removed the requirement that the Parent role must be set as Self-Service.