Release Date: March 5th, 2021


  • Developed a new login screen that can be enabled for a tenant, that offers a self-service option for users to create their own account.

  • Created the ability to flag a role as self-service, which is the default role assigned to accounts created using the self-serve option. One role per tenant can be flagged using the self-service option.

  • Self-service accounts will also have their own landing page with the ability to create a record and a list of records available to the user.

  • Created a “request record access” option for self-serve accounts that allows users to request access to an existing person in clevr. Any time a registration is requested, the request is audited.


  • Created the ability to exclude gender from a tenant to remove the gender field from the ribbon and various other screens.

  • Updated the integration routine matching process to prevent duplicate persons when the same name and ID number are used.


  • The logout and home icons and menu buttons have been removed from the header when the new dashboard is set as the landing page within an account.



    • Added functionality to log tables so when multiple log entries have the same date, they are secondarily sorted based on record ID number.

    • Resolved an issue returning an error when import data was triggered on forms.


    • Resolved an issue blocking parents from being able to log in.