Release Date: Nov 28th, 2019


  • A new role called Staff Without Role has been created for all clients to facilitate user account automation / role alignment. Any user account with the clevr managed = false setting in addition to no role or a missing role within the source system will be assigned the “Staff Without Role” role which does not have access to anything.


  • Advanced Search

    • Resolved a display issue within the Advanced Search results page that was causing students associated with multiple locations to have a separate entry for each location; it’s been updated so that if a student is associated with multiple locations they are displayed with a comma separated list.

    • Modified advanced search so that if a column heading is over 128 characters, they will be shortened and “…” will be appended to them.

  • Client Specific

    • RCCDSB – Resolved an issue with Files and Links bank on the ABA log that was preventing files uploaded to the record from being opened in a new window.

    • PVNC – Resolved an issue on the Incident, Accident, Injury Report that was causing the required fields icon to appear multiple times on the same element.

    • Pem T – Resolved an issue with the Groups and Classes Module that was preventing the classes from being displayed within the module.

    • RRSD – Resolved an issue on the RRSD Social Worker Log to limit results within the log table to display only records from that form only.