Release Date: June 6th, 2019


  • If form has custom permissions, it is indicated with a “Yes” or “No” attribute within the Form Rights tab of the Tenant Module. When “Yes” is displayed, it means that there is a container, tab, or element with rights that deviate from the base form right. “No” means that the rights within all containers, tabs, or elements match the base access right.


  • Relative Positioning Fix – Improved relative positioning for multiple repeaters within a container. Eventually the goal is to eliminate the need for relative positioning.

  • Auto-complete Attribute List – Now when adding a new attribute to an element, when you begin typing an auto-complete list of matching attributes will be displayed that you can choose from.

  • Single Student Multi-Report Custom Type – A new custom type link is available within the Editor called “Single Student Multi-Report”. When added to a form, clicking it generates a master PDF file with all printouts available to that user.


  • A new option is available within Advanced Search to display the legal name of a student in the results page when the checkbox for “Display Legal Name” is selected.


  • Force JavaScript File Cache to Clear When a New Release is Applied – This ensures the cache is cleared after a release to ensure the version number is updated in reference libraries


  • Editor

    • Resolved an issue with the Editor where it gets into in an endless loading loop upon clicking publish while using the new copy report feature

    • Relative Positioning – Fixed an issue where the content of a show/hide area did not stay on it’s designated area on the form and would appear at random places on the page

    • Image Missing from Notification Custom Type – Resolved an issue where an image was missing from the notification custom type

  • Bulk Data Entry – Resolved an issue that was causing the “Bulk Data Entry Complete” toast message to fail to appear when a Bulk Data Entry was performed

  • Forms – Resolved an issue that caused a stored procedure to be invalidated

  • Client Specific

    • LSSD – Resolved an issue where teachers were seeing students not associated with their PowerSchool classes for LSSD

    • DDSB – Resolved an issue for the DDSB local install with regard to collation difference between the temp database and the live database

    • CCSD – Resolved an issue where notifications were being deployed to all locations the student was associated with. This has been updated to ensure notifications are only deployed to the school selected within the school dropdown.