In clevr, a Person is the subject of a form. This can include students, staff, locations, etc. Please follow these instructions to add a person to a form.

Select the desired school from the Locations dropdown found in the top right corner of clevr.

clevr admin change locations preview

Click the add button on the homescreen.

clevr EST Support Request highlighting the add a single student button

Within the Add Person screen, you will have four options for searching: Last Name, Student Number, Grade and First Name. The most commonly used search option is Last Name.

You will need to make sure that either “All Roles” or the role that matches the person is selected within the roles dropdown (ex: school, school admin, etc). Type in the first few letters of the person’s last name within the text box provided and click Search. You will be presented with a list of results. Once you locate the desired person, click on their name to add them to the form.

clevr support request highlighting the necessary fields to select a person

Adding Multiple Persons to a Form

If you need to add more than one person at a time, follow the same steps as indicated above, except this time you will check the checkbox to the left of each person listed that you would like to add.

After you have selected your desired persons, click the Add button. You will receive a prompt asking whether you want to update the selected persons via Bulk Data Entry. Click the Cancel button and the selected persons will appear on the Homescreen. From here you can individually click each person and start adding data to the record.

clever support request to add multiple persons to a form