The Person Management Module provides Administrators with the ability to create, update and verify user accounts.

clevr is connected to your source system. This can be your Student Information System, or SIS, such as Maplewood or PowerSchool. It may also be a text file your division submits, or a combination of the two. Since clevr supports many different implementation types, this tutorial will cover the basics and some of the differences for user accounts.

Before we begin, it’s important to know the difference between user accounts and what we call persons.

  • Person: In clevr, we call any bit of data that’s imported from a source system a “person”, if it can be the subject of a form. That means students, staff members and schools.
  • User: A user account is a person that is able to log into clevr. Most user accounts are tied to a person, but not all persons have user accounts. For the most part, students and schools will import as persons, and can be added to forms, but won’t have user accounts.

Accessing the Person Management Module

Page rights
To access this feature, the Person Manager page right is required. If your role needs the ability to insert persons you will require the Person Manager – Add Person page right, and if you need access to configure Linked Accounts, you will require the Person Manager – Linked Accounts page right.

Common usage
This feature is used by System Administrators to manage user accounts.

Best suited for system administrators, not end users.

From the clevr Dashboard, click on the Configuration Menu > Person Management Module.

The Person Management Module is broken down into three cards:

  • Person Search Card
  • Filters
  • Search Results

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