How to Add Do Not Clones

When applied to a field, the DoNotClone attribute will cause the field(s) or tab(s) it’s applied to be blank when the form is copied. This is perfect for forms that are record rollover candidates. Use DoNotClones on fields that do not apply to next year’s record to save users from needing to manually delete the information – this can be cumbersome when there is a lot of data within the record.

The DoNotClone attribute works on individual elements and on parent containers. Select the element you’d like to apply the DoNotClone to, then enter the DoNotClone attribute on the right with the right side value of true. Hit enter to save the attribute.

You should also include a description so that the fields with Do Not Clones will have a name appear within the Record Rollover Wizard. If you do not assign a description, fields with Do Not Clones applied to them will render within the Rollover Reports via the element ID number.