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Login Audit Log


The login audit module gives you an overview of all login attempts across the district and shows whether they were successful and what avenue they used when logging in.

Page rights
To access this feature, the Login Audit Log page right is required.
Common usage
This feature is used by System Administrators to monitor logins.
This feature is best suited for System Administrators, not end users.

Accessing the Login Audit Log

The Login Audit Log can be accessed via Configuration > Login Audit Log. Permission must be granted prior to this menu option appearing.

Login Audit Landing Page

When you land within the Login Audit Log, default filter options will appear. You will be required to choose the filter option required and hit apply to see login results.

Using the Login Audit Log

When adding your search criteria, the following filters can be used for your search:

Filter Name Filter Description
Most Recent Reflects all recent login attempts
Username The name associated with the user’s account
First Name The value that appears within the clevr First Name field
Last Name The value that appears within the clevr Last Name field
Login Date The date/time the user logged into their account
User Match Reflects Yes/No to indicate if the information entered upon sign in matches with clevr’s data
Login Status Reflects Successful/Fail to indicate if the user got into clevr or not

Type the username (or any other filter value) of the account you’re investigating into the first field, then enter a sub-filter component as seen below.

Filter Name Filter Description
Starts with Has one or more character values (either number or alphabetic) that can be used while searching
Contains Has one or more character values (either number or alphabetic) that can be used while searching
is The exact value being searched (all character/ numeric elements)
is not Used when values should NOT be included in the search
is greater than Used with a date or a numeric data set
is less than Used with a date or a numeric data set
Between Range of values usually used with date elements

Users can add as many search elements as desired to yield the results they are searching for. Each time a drop-down option has been selected, the list of secondary and tertiary options are removed from the list.

When a search is conducted based on the selected elements, a display as seen below will generate and all the drop-down options will form the column headings.

Results shown can also be filtered down further by using the ADD FILTER option. Once selected choose the drop-down option needed for further filtering of the results.

Users have the option during filtering to use the OR option which allows two subsets of values for the same drop-down option to be displayed.

Each column heading is equipped with ascendance and descending filtering. Click on the text or the arrow beside the text to sort values.

Once the search and filtering have been completed, users can export the results. Select the three dots on the filter bars section and click on Export Data. All exports populate as an Excel file.

When completing an Investigation

When you are investigating the login attempts for a user, pay attention to the “Login Status” column. Seeing multiple login attempts within a short period (within the same hour on the same day) is a strong indicator of connectivity issues.

If there are failed attempts seen for SSO login types, this could be an indication that the criteria on which they are verified, in most cases their email address, has changed or possibly the AD/SAMaccount Name is incorrect.

If a user closes their clevr tab, the session will remain active for up to 60 minutes. If they revisit clevr during that period they will not be required to log in again and therefore no new login attempts will be recorded.

Types of Login Options

SSO/ADFS are noted under SSO Login Type.

Pass-through is a sign-in link from a notification.

clevr login is when a user logs in directly through the clevr portal with a clevr username and password.