What is a Base Type?


Base Types are the basic element type that can be placed on a form or combined with other Base Types to form a Custom Type.

All Base Types can be found in the Accordion Menu, in the Base Types panel.

Related HTML Elements

All Base Types have an associated HTML Element. Use the below table as a reference when searching the internet for related attributes to use on elements, based on their type.

Base Type HTML Element HTML Markup
Tabset jQuery Tabset N/A
Container div <div></div>
Text span <span></span>
Textbox Input: type=”text” <input type=”text”>
Datepicker Input: type=”text” with jQuery Datepicker <input type=”text” class=”datepicker hasDatepicker>
Text Area textarea <textarea></textarea>
Dropdown select





Checkbox Input: type=”checkbox” <input type=”checkbox”>
Radio button Input: type=”radio” <input type=”radio”>
Repeater div: repeatable=”true” <div repeatable=”true”></div>
Button button <button>Content</button>
Image img <img src=”URL”>
Link a <a href=”URL”>Content</a>
Rich Text Editor Tiny MCE Rich Text Editor N/A
File Upload Input: type=”file” <input type=”file”>