How to Copy and Paste an Element

Copying and Pasting an element is a relatively simple operation with a few limitations and considerations.

Firstly you select the element that you will be copying.

Then you click the Copy Element button in the Options Table panel.

Select the parent container you would like your elements pasted into. This can be any container, including the parent of the copied element or the copied element itself.

If you have a non-container element selected, you will get the error:

Click on the Paste Element button. This will create a copy of the copied element in the current container.

The new element will be placed at position X: 0 Y: 0. If you click to paste multiple times, the created elements will stack on top of each other. The element at the “top” of the stack will be the last element created.

Your selected elements have now been cloned and are ready to be moved into position. Updating a copy will not affect the original element.