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The clevr Solution Gallery is a continuous source of expansion opportunities to grow beyond your clevr implementation building incremental value over time. You have unlimited access to over 2,000 custom solutions that can be leveraged “as is” or used as a starting point for your own digitization projects. Our clients collaborate and contribute to this gallery in order to increase the innovation potential for all Districts.

Each solution has been vetted and tested by our team as well as the K-12 client community. Below are descriptors for our most common and popular use cases.

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  • Employee Incident/ Injury/ Violent Incident Reporting

    Employees who have an accident/injury/exposure at work must report the details surrounding the event no later than three hours after the incident/injury. Recordings of what injuries are present as well as possible witnesses, location on-premise, time of day etc. are all captured within this formal report.

  • Volunteerism/ Community Partner Survey

    Annual collection of data that is used for quarterly reporting. Track event information, number of volunteers, hours, as well as survey results regarding overall experience.

  • Staff Portfolio / Professional Development

    Simple form used to capture professional development activities and training. Ability to upload supporting documents for example agenda/program that identifies location, dates and topics / sessions.

  • New Hire Forms

    Improve the new hire experience by centralizing all required paperwork with a helpful checklist and notifications to help new hires keep track of all required forms within the first 30 days.

  • Improvement Plan

    If a teacher receives an Unsatisfactory rating then the principal, with input from the teacher, must prepare and implement steps and actions to improve his or her performance.

  • Principal and Vice Principal Performance Appraisal

    Principal and vice-principal performance appraisals were implemented across the province of Ontario in 2010. It supports principals and vice-principals in setting goals and fosters leadership development.

  • Enrichment Plan

    If a teacher receives a Development Needed rating then the principal, with input from the teacher, will develop and implement a plan to improve his/her performance.

  • TPA Summative Report Form

    Designed in accordance to Ontario’s Teacher Performance Appraisal Technical Requirements Manual. The principal must collect evidence to support his or her appraisal of the teacher’s performance. An overall rating must be given.

  • Principal and Vice Principal Performance Plan

    The performance plan is used by the principal and vice-principal to outline key goals to improve student achievement and the strategies that will be used to attain those goals.

  • Principal and Vice Principal Growth Plan

    The growth plan is typically required within the first year as a new principal or vice-principal. This outlines the actions he/she will take to enhance their individual competencies.

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