Forms Automation

We provide an extensive gallery of 1,000 K-12 forms through the clevr platform for your team to explore, download and adapt to your district’s specific needs. Below are examples of some of the forms readily available in the clevr Gallery. However, if you don’t find what you are looking for, we’ll build it for you. It’s that simple. Send us your current forms i.e. Word docs, fillable PDFs, whatever you use today and we’ll mirror them exactly in clevr. We have never met a form we couldn’t handle.

  • COVID-19 School Reopening Plan

    When select schools have been identified for reopening, UNICEF suggests six key dimensions be used to assess the state of readiness and inform planning: policy, financing, safe operations, learning, reaching the most marginalized and wellbeing/protection. This is a comprehensive school reopening plan template.

  • COVID-19 Compliance Inspection Report

    Compliance inspection performed by authorized district staff or school principal to ensure appropriate oversight over school property and obtain compliance with provincial / state public health regulations.

  • COVID-19 School Response Plan

    Each school shall have a response plan that documents the procedures and measures implemented to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed and the safety, health and well-being of students and staff is a top priority.

  • Safe Schools Plan

    All schools are required to develop and implement school-wide plans to help create a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment. Each school plan should align and roll-up to the district plan.

  • Emergency Response Plan

    Ensure a co-ordinated approach between schools and partner agencies in a crisis situation. Document established procedures for school evacuation or lockdown.

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