Digital Use Cases

The clevr Solution Gallery is a continuous source of expansion opportunities to grow beyond your clevr implementation building incremental value over time. You have unlimited access to over 2,000 custom solutions that can be leveraged “as is” or used as a starting point for your own digitization projects. Our clients collaborate and contribute to this gallery in order to increase the innovation potential for all Districts.

Each solution has been vetted and tested by our team as well as the K-12 client community. Below are descriptors for our most common and popular use cases.

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  • Early Literacy Screeners K-8

    Based on the Science of Reading principles and Right to Read initiative, this comprehensive solution supports consistent, evidence-based reading assessments, across schools and grade levels.

  • Assistive Technology

    This Loan form is used when assistive technology is on loan for a particular student. Tracking of devices and their use is important from a planning and funding perspective.

  • Alternative Education Request

    A request form for enrollment into an alternative education program that emphasizes a particular language, culture, religion or subject matter or uses a particular teaching philosophy.

  • Medical Care Plan

    An Individualized Medical Care Plan is needed for students who have a health concern or require medication, treatments or procedures during school hours. Attachments such as written and signed physician’s orders may be uploaded and viewable by appropriate staff.

  • Behaviour Support Plan

    A behaviour support plan (BSP) is a document that addresses inappropriate behaviour of a student, and outlines strategies to improve their behaviour.

  • Formal Psych Reports

    To support a formal clinical interview conducted by a licensed psychologist at the request of the teacher. Students are usually seen over several sessions, so the form allows for revisions, edits and additions while tracking date and location of each session.

  • Preventative / Community Programming Log

    Annual form completed by clinicians and service professionals to track their programming, dates, audience, location etc. Quick access to details for various reporting or funding requirements.

  • Collaborative Meetings Log

    Used by clinicians and service professionals to track annual meetings. Ability to choose location, identify individuals attending the meeting, date, reason for meeting etc. Advanced Search capabilities.

  • Student Contact Notes

    Contact notes documenting student meetings are a core element in providing cohesive and coordinated service to students. Notes may include reason for intervention, actions and response, themes, suggestions and next steps. All edits/additions are systematically time stamped. Summary printout is also available.

  • Small Class Request

    Pre-planning (January/February) for numbers of students requiring “small class” or “partially integrated” placement. Accommodations and recommendations can be determined efficiently using a centralized system.

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