Release Date: August 29th, 2017


  • Merge Persons Module allows clevr staff to quickly address issues with duplicate student / staff records imported from the SIS


  • Ability to extract clevr data to XML or CSV


  • Enhancements to notifications including:

    • Ability to specify custom subject line, “from” name and “from” email when setting up a notification

    • Ability to include student / staff /school name, location and current user name dynamically in the subject line and the body


  • Change the initiatives button in the menu bar to say Forms instead of Initiatives

  • clevr version number is now available from the main menu under the About button


  • Users are locked out if they have 5 unsuccessful login attempts within 30 minutes

  • There is an override in the User Module to allow admin users to override an account lockout


  • clevr program files have been upgraded to build on .NET 4.5.2


  • Session Timeout – Ensured the dialog box sits on top of everything else in the page when the user session is going to time out within 10 mins

  • Login Screen – Active directory users were being redirected back to the non-AD (2 bar) login screen when their session timed out. This issue has been resolved, users will now be redirected to the Active Directory / LDAP login screen when their session has timed out

  • Printouts – The HTML printout cache will now be cleared once an update has been published to a clevr printout

  • Editor – Issues with saving custom types using the clevr Editor. This issue has been resolved.

  • User Module – User name column did not allow for long usernames (Ex: a long email address). This issue has been resolved. Usernames up to a maximum of 120 characters are now supported.

  • Bulk Data Entry – User interface prompts have been added to let users know when clevr is working to filter records and navigate to the next screen after applying filters

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