• New feature that allows Single Sign On for users with clevr user accounts in multiple Districts / Divisions

  • With linked accounts, users can now have more than one role in clevr


  • New dashboard that allows divisions to customize the clevr dashboard by role

  • Allows end users to customize their own Dashboard


  • Users can now search for students using a “Current Grade” filter

  • Users can now run a search using “required fields” as a parameter


  • All Roles is now available in the roles dropdowns found on the Interactive Dashboard, Homeccreen, Add Screen, Advanced Search, Bulk Data Entry, and Bulk Print


  • Ability for alignment of clevr roles with nested groups in the Active Directory

  • Support for self – signed SSL certificates


  • Dynamic Charting

    • JavaScript error appears when selecting a some forms on the Dynamic charting screen – this issue has been corrected

    • Some filters are not rendered correctly and appear “cut off” in the filters area – this issue has been corrected

  • Editor – Extra rights would appear to be applied when changing rights in the editor – this issue has been corrected

  • Tenant Module – Update to change wording on label from “Initiative”’ to “Form”

  • Maplewood Integration – Issue when importing data into forms for some Maplewood clients – this issue has been corrected

  • Dashboard – Some recently updated records were not being reflected under the “What’s new” area on the dashboard – this issue has been corrected

  • Report Editor – Checkboxes are now sorted on printouts in the order they appear on the screen by default

  • Advanced Search – Correction to Advanced Search results where first symbol is a “-” (which causes Excel to interpret data as a formula and truncate the results to 255 characters)

  • Groups and Classes – Update to new Groups function to handle group descriptions/names that might contain an apostrophe

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