• Update to allow for SIS staff role alignment with clevr roles

  • Update to allow for the ability to “Import Data” into clevr forms from a Custom Web Service or Text File Integration


  • New feature that allows users to add / manage custom groups within clevr

  • View into SIS classes that have come in from SIS Integration


  • Performance improvement for the Clone Record action. The number of calls to the database have been reduced which will speed up cloning an individual student record and cloning / rolling over records via Bulk Data Entry


  • Support added for special characters including standalone bullets, french characters, and others


  • Active Directory

    • Update to authenticate against Active Directory / LDAP systems without the need for a “match” using the SAMAccountName attribute

    • Active Directory / LDAP authenticated users are now returned to the Active Directory / LDAP enabled login screen when the log out of clevr

    • Update to authentication to support logging into a VIS server. Change is also compatible with all other LDAPS clients.

  • PowerSchool Integration

    • SIS enabled fields are now automatically populating when a record is created from the “Add” screen

    • Inactive locations would be set to active again if they were present in the data incoming from PowerSchool. This issue has been resolved.

  • Text File Integration

    • Correction to TextIntegration Staff Import to avoid error in duplicating Person / Position / Location entries

    • Update to LRSD custom web service integration code to bring in Parent1Address as a Parent1MailingAddress field

    • Some users had access to locations they were no longer tied to the Web Service. This issue has been corrected. Users are now marked “inactive” for a location in clevr if they are not active for the location in the Web Service during integration.

  • Password Restriction – Restriction on the password set functionality to disallow single quotes in the password

  • User Module

    • Rapidly pressing on the create user checkbox caused the box of content that it displays to be cut off. This issue has been resolved.

    • When a user modified their own account in the User Module, an error would appear next login. This issue has been resolved.

  • Report Editor

    • Fixed the endless loading screen (spinning wheel) display in preview mode

    • Ability to remove printouts from the printouts list in the printouts editor that are no longer in use has been added

    • Empty repeating rows are removed from printouts

    • The Editor would not load after previewing a printout in the printout editor. This issue has been resolved.

  • Apostrophies within clevr

    • Apostrophes used within specific instances in clevr caused the following problems:

      • A user with an apostrophe in their name could not sign in to their account via the login screen

      • An apostrophe in the Users’ Table in the User Module was causing an error with linking so when clicking on the edit pencil or change password icon you would receive a JavaScript error

    • The fix now allows double or single apostrophes in the system for the username. The user can log in and a User Module user can edit a user who has an apostrophe in their name.

  • Dynamic Charting – Charts in dynamic charting were not loading properly after Dynamic Charting access was added to a role. This issue has been fixed.

    • Fix display issue to align mouse pointer to new element when dragging and dropping a new element on a form

    • Fix to update labels on the fly in the Editor using IE11 (page refresh was previously required when using IE 11)

    • Removed the Create Custom Types option for all roles except clevr Admin

  • SDS Data Submission – A number sign (#) in the school name was causing the extract process to fail. This issue has been resolved.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Functionality that replaced swear words with asterisks (****) has been removed

    • Update to FTP file transfer service to ignore files in the LSAdmin upload directory, and also to ignore files with the following extensions: *.js, *.exe, *.bat, *.dll, *.pdb, *.css.