Release Date: June 2nd, 2016


  • New clevr module that shows a summary of all forms tied to a person


  • New dropdownchecklist type available


  • Homescreen

  • Advanced Search

  • Bulk Data Entry


  • Maplewood Integration – Corrected an issue causing an error when a location was imported with a school ID number beginning with leading 0s

  • PowerSchool Integration

    • Routine was crashing when importing data from a location with a single staff member or single student – this issue has been resolved

    • Update to integration routine so that empty fields will not cause integration to crash

    • Update to allow specified locations for PowerSchool clients to be skipped by the nightly integration

  • Text File Integration

    • Update to text file integration to support special characters in the text files

    • Update to text file integration to import student grade when provided

  • SDS Data Submission

    • Update to XML submission for Saskatchewan Ministry SDS site so that we use board-specified student ID instead of clevr proprietaryId value

    • Generalize SPS Impact Assessment data extract process and terminology

  • Forms

    • Fixed an issue causing occasional duplicate records in repeatable areas

    • Fixed issue causing loading issues on some locked records due to misaligned elements

    • Replace asterisks in swear words with correct number of characters

    • Email action now looks at the status of the users returned in the search to avoid sending emails to users inactive at the location selected

    • Corrected issue causing display issues in read only mode with dropdowns tagged with “disabled” attribute (forced read only) rendering the when the page is set to readonly as well

    • Required field asterisk now appears beside the label for checkboxes marked as a required field

  • Editor

    • Fix display issue to align mouse pointer to new element when dragging and dropping a new element on a form

    • Fix to update labels on the fly in the Editor using IE11 (page refresh was previously required when using IE 11)

    • Removed the Create Custom Types option for all roles except clevr Admin

  • Advanced Search

    • Updated Homescreen search query to filter for role when role (other than student) is selected

    • Changed PDF file name from “TPM” to “clevr” in files saved from Advanced Search

  • Homescreen – Fixed bug that causes dropdowns on the Homescreen to appear empty after using the Editor

  • Bulk Printing – Bulk Printing lists are now filtered by class for roles limited to classes access

  • Tenant Module

    • Update to correct a display issue causing the initiatives tab to not consistently stretch to the width of the content within the tab

    • Page right control buttons created for Dynamic Charting, and Edit Record History

  • User Module – Fixed issue in the User Module where the Homescreen was being set but not saved

  • Behind the Scenes Fixes – Update to RemoveDuplicatePersons script to support cleaning duplicate person records when one person could have multiple legitimate proprietaryIds for a tenant