Release Date: April 8th, 2015


  • Support added to search with repeatable elements


  • Text File Integration – module created so districts can independently upload text files

  • PowerSchool – SIS Single Sign On (SSO) for PowerSchool created

  • Maplewood Integration – Update to allow fields for contact information to be tagged specifically for mother or father


  • Added the ability to integrate pre-registered students


  • Stored procedure created for log templates: log templates can now be created using the editor

  • New base type created – bullet list

  • Status Indicator created which displays the percentage of required fields completed


  • Dashboard created as a new alternative Homescreen


  • Alerts / messages can be created and deployed to end users on the Homescreen, template screens, dashboard and login screen


  • Ability created to import users from the LDAP/Active Directory for non SIS locations (ie: central staff)


  • Updated password reset emails to include a link to clevr with an auto login and password reset prompt


  • Error Messages – User friendly error handling on all JavaScript calls

  • Editor / Forms

    • Fixed show/hide functionality that was broken when Import Data was triggered

    • Corrected styling on required fields

    • Repeater-specific controls (add / delete) are no longer displayed when record is locked

    • Allows editing of shared templates (for clevr team members only)

    • Copy template functionality is now including appropriate page rights

    • Some templates were loading blank when loaded into editor – this issue has been resolved

    • Repeaters are now working as expected in preview mode

    • Repeaters settings are now correct when added to a sub tab using the editor

    • Editor roles are now able to assign newly created or copied templates to themselves. New templates are now automatically assigned to the user who created the template.

  • Password Reset – Password reset link previously directed users to the clevr hosted installation when the client has a local installation

  • Bulk Data Entry – Students were occasionally duplicated on the filter screen. This issue has been resolved.

  • Advanced Search – Search is now working with parameters that include a single apostrophe

  • Add Screen – Clicking the checkbox/add button for a single student always created a new blank record even if the student already had an existing record. This issue has been resolved.

  • Maplewood Integration

    • Additional error handling in routines preventing integration routine from crashing / stopping

    • Update to Maplewood integration so that students / staff at a closed school or school with no students / staff listed will be set to inactive

    • Locations are now being updated correctly during the nightly integration