Release Date: March 24th, 2014


  • Added the ability to use multiple filters on the Homescreen


  • Copy and paste functionality added to the Editor
  • Added the ability to use repeatable elements
  • Options are updated on page without a page refresh required


  • Added the ability to integrate pre-registered students


  • Searching multiple options within a dropdown or series of checkboxes returns results as an “OR” search
  • Enhanced functionality when searching radio buttons
  • Filter logic allows template developers to specify sort order on searchable fields – unnumbered search fields will appear after numbered items


  • User Accounts – Some users accounts with “all locations” were unable to change locations – this has been resolved

  • Bulk Data Entry – Fix deployed for Bulk Data Entry not working as expected with containers of checkboxes

  • Editor

    • Errors when creating new elements/templates in the editor has been resolved

    • Save draft saving to live intermittently has been resolved

    • Fixed the issue causing discard changes to occasionally failing to unlock template

    • Fixed the issue causing discard changes not to clear template from staging area

  • Advanced Search and Dynamic Charting

    • Resolved an issue preventing filters from resetting when alternating between different initiatives using radio button selector

  • Import Data – resolved an issue causing import data to require a page refresh before displaying content