Release Date: April 8th, 2022


  • Feature Enhancement – Enhanced Reporting and Analysis Tool style Reports so that if no filters have been configured it will navigate you right into the report instead of a dialog box. As part of this update we also enhanced the dialog box to include a progress bar displaying the number of records when print is clicked.

  • Feature Enhancement – Enhanced the filter dialog box on Reporting and Analysis Tool style reports to be a multiselect. Also included a “select all” option.

  • Feature Enhancement – Added support to be able to copy new style Reporting and Analysis Tool Reports.


  • Feature Enhancement – Added support to the new Dashboard for Grid View Data Entry. When a form has at least one field flagged for Grid View Data Entry, the menu item will appear under the ellipsis on the dashboard automatically and is no longer dependent on a page right.

  • Feature Enhancement – Enhanced the Listings Card on the Dashboard to support mult-select functionality for all fields.


  • Feature Enhancement – Added new text file integration import data flags for four more medical fields.


  • Feature Enhancement – Enhanced the date format attribute on a date picker to support different date formats. Some examples of the supported formats include MM/DD/YY, YY-MM-DD (Default), [D M, Y], [D MM, Y] etc.


  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue that was causing Notifications not to appear within the Form Manager if assigned to a direct supervisor.