Release Date: March 4th, 2022


  • Feature Enhancement – Enhanced the SIS integration to be able to exlude locations based on the location number.


  • Feature Enhancement – Enhanced the form dropdown on the Listings Card to support instance based searching – you can now type your form name into the dropdown to return results instead of being required to pick a the form name from the dropdown. Both options will be supported, you will be able to select the form name from the list and be able to type the form name.

  • Feature Enhancement – Enhanced the Listings Card to include date of birth as a searchable filter.

  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue with the Listings Card on the new dashboard that was causing fields that were deflagged for Advanced Search or fields to continue appearing. Also corrected an issue that was causing fields with changed descriptions to appear under the previous description.

  • Bug Fix – Updated the Add screen found on the Listings Card to default to the status of active instead of blank.

  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue with the Listings Card that was causing the rows per page not to be retained when the user navigated away from the Dashboard.


  • New Development – A new record locking function has been deployed to allow fields to be saved as the locking mechanism on the record is triggered.

  • Feature Enhancement – Enhanced file banks to better support granting users access to previously uploaded files.

  • Bug Fix – The process to collect email lists has been refactored to enhance performance. An attribute, “sendemailroles” has been added to the clevr Form Editor allowing users to limit which roles will be included in the 149470 custom type.