Release Date: February 4th, 2022


  • New Development

    • A new feature has been developed to automate the on demand integration (Import Data) process to run at night for clients with text file integration. This can be configured within the Form Manager.

  • Feature Enhancement 

    • Enhanced the Copy Notification option within the Form Manager to support updating the notification name.

  • Bug Fix

    • Resolved an issue with the Form Mangement module that was causing the Notification card to load slowly.


  • Feature Enhancement

    • The On-Demand form integration (import data) has been enhanced to support the extended contacts feature within PowerSchool. New SIS flag attributes have been developed that can be applied with the clevr Form Editor.

    • Enhanced the SIS integration to be able to exlude locations based on the location number.


  • Bug Fix

    • Resolved an issue impacting the Records to include search criteria in the Listings Card that was causing a single record to be returned in the results instead of all records. In some scenarios this resulted in records not being found, and if multiple records matched the criteria only one record was being displayed in the list.

    • Resolved an issue with the Listings Card on the new dashboard that was causing fields that were deflagged for advanced search to continue appearing.


  • Bug Fix

    • Resolved an issue with the HTML Report Editor that was causing grouped check boxes on the report to appear in the reverse order than they did on the form.