Release Date: August 25th, 2022


  • Feature Enhancement – Added the ability to enable push notifications to clevr tenants and display messaging in a banner format under clevr’s main menu.


  • Feature Enhancement – Added a setting to the Data Integration card, “Supervisor File Import Mode” to manage staff visibility when a supervisor file is used.


  • Feature Enhancement 
    • Added the ability to launch a form into Grid View by adding a “Create Grid Views” button within a student form.
    • Admins with access to the clevr Form Editor can now apply flags to configure a form for new style Grid View Data Entry.


  • Feature Enhancement 
    • Text File validation has been updated to identify header(s) within the import file are failing during the text file validation procedure. In the Text File Validation module, an alert message including the header content is displayed to help identify the data that is in the text file.
    • To prevent SIS integration issues from accumulating, a mechanism to “hold” or “block” a SIS has been implemented within clevr.
    • If an integration has failed, an alert is created and sent to the clevr internal team so that it can be actioned.


  • Feature Enhancement 
    • Added tool tips to the Person Management Module to easily link users to the relevant help documentation.
    • Added the ability to log in as a user through the Person Management Module by clicking the “Log in as user” option within the User Details Card.
    • Added logging within the Person Management Module to track users activity when “Log in as user” us used.
  • Bug Fix – Export feature within the Person Management module has been added to the Person Search card


  • Feature Enhancement – clevr users who have access to the Self Service module in clevr will now receive a notification when a student record request has been submitted through the Self Service portal. Users who have submitted a student record request will receive a notification when their request has been submitted and when the request has been approved/denied by the Self Service administrator.