Release Date: August 12th, 2022


  • Feature Enhancement – Added logging and alert notifications to scheduled integration runs to easily identify issues and successful integration runs. Added the ability to autodetect issues and override/cancel the SIS Integration if errors are detected.


  • Feature Enhancement – Resolved an issue with repeater dropdowns causing the dropdown optionslist to be missing on the edit view it had a query associated with it.


  • Feature Enhancement – Added the following modules to the new clevr Dashboard as they were only available on the Legacy menu:
    • Tenant Logos
    • Data Import / Extract
    • Email Scheduler
  • Feature Enhancement – Added a “select all” option to the add screen within the Dashboard Listings Card.
  • Feature Enhancement – Added tool tips to the different Dashboard Cards to easily link users to the relevant help documentation for the card.
  • Feature Enhancement – The remove person option on the Listings Card has been enhanced to allow the recovery of removed records. When the remove option is selected, the record will be locked and will appear under the archived filter.
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue that was causing the values of legacy fields not to render on the New Dashboard.


  • New Development
    • The Grid View Data Entry module is being overhauled and modernized with enhanced functionality.
    • Users will have the ability to create a template and load specific fields into the grid view
    • Created the ability to deploy notifications in bulk using Grid View
    • Created the ability to apply signatures in Grid View
    • Created the ability to freeze the first column and row


  • Feature Enhancement – The Grid View Data Entry module is being overhauled and modernized with enhanced functionality.


  • Feature Enhancement – Tenants configured to support third party login (ex: ADFS / SSO / AD / LDAP / etc.) will be redirected to the appropriate login page for user authentication.
  • Bug Fix – Saved Dashboard templates will be transferred to another user if the owner of the template is deleted.


  • Feature Enhancement
      • Created the ability for admins using the Person Management Module to manage user accounts to log in as an end user.
      • Enhanced the password reset feature for clevr User Accounts. When used, the password reset link is emailed to the user, allowing them to create a new password for their account.
      • Enhanced the Person Management Module so that when a role is selected within a user account, the forms that the role has permission to will be automatically assigned.
      • Added the email field as a searchable filter
      • A person’s source role will now be displayed within the Person Manager on their Person Details page.
      • The Person Manager will now display counts of users with the filters applied similar to the legacy User Module.

    • Feature Enhancement – The Form Management Module captures and displays the date the form was created, source form ID, and who the form was created by.