Release Date: June 3rd, 2022


  • New Development – Enhanced the Form Management Module so that all fields that allow you to select a role or a grade have a “select all” option
  • New Development -Created an option that can be used to determine which role(s) can be added as the subject of a form.
  • New Development -CLASI configuration and flagging has been moved from the clevr Form Editor into the Form Management Module
  • New Development – If the form has been restricted so that only specific roles can be added to it, the “Add” function on the Dashboard has been enhanced to also limit users to being able to select those roles.
  • New Development – Added the ability to migrate a form to another tenant for roles that have editor access and two or more linked tenants.


  • New Development – Changed the language within apply to all from “Student Name” to just “Name”. This better reflects that not all records are related to students.


  • New Development – Created the ability for clients to be able to configure their own log tables independently. A new custom type “Log Template – Data Table” has been created. Elements can be flagged with the “log_column” (enter a name for the table heading) and “log_column_desc” (select a numerical value starting at 1 to indicate which column this should be added to) attributes to flag fields to appear within the table.
  • Feature Enhancement – Removed the new layout and share form options within Page Properties in the clevr Form Editor. Functionality to share forms and create a new form has been moved into the Form Management module.


  • New Development – Added support for tenants that are using text file integration so that parents flagged within the “parent 3” column will have accounts generated and linked to their children’s records.


  • New Development – Added the ability to walk back a record rollover independently. An undo option has been included within the Record Rollover Summary.