Release Date: May 7th, 2021


  • On the clevr login screen, the font size for Self Service – Create Accounts has been increased.


  • Replaced the filter function with default filters for: “status”, “role”, “last name starts with”.

  • Optimized the search query on the dashboard.

  • Created the ability to set a saved dashboard template as the default landing page for an automated role.

  • Created the ability to save and share a search for the New Dashboard.

  • Added a clevr Profile search to the New Dashboard. This new search will allow users to search for a student or a staff member. Selecting a person will open their clevr Profile which shows all forms they currently have a record for.

  • Added linked accounts functionality added to the New Dashboard.


  • Updated the “Exclude students current in grade” filter within the Record Rollover module from a dropdown to a multi-select.

  • Transitioned Record Rollover module to use MVC and added the ability to support multiple languages. The module will now be displayed in the language the user has selected in their clevr Profile.

  • Increased the timeout length for Record Rollovers to 60 minutes.