Release Date: December 3rd, 2021


  • Feature Enhancement

    • The Metrics Card has been optimized to enhance performance

    • Two new fields were added to the Listings Card, “Most Recent Records” and “All Records” that allow a user to select which records to include. If not selected, the default is to include the most recent records.


  • Feature Enhancement

    • A new Custom Type, “Dynamic Staff Access”, has been added giving a user the ability to grant or revoke access to a specific student.

    • A new attribute entitled “show-if-locked” has been created, which when set to true, allows the image to be displayed. This has been implemented to resolve an issue where images were not being displayed in the Locked Records.

  • Bug Fix

    • Fixed an issue involving repeaters where invalid inputs carried over to a new instance of a repeater when “Add” was selected.

    • Resolved the issue where parent forms were being locked after being copied.


  • Feature Enhancement

    • The Merge Person stored procedure has been optimized to enhance performance.


  • Feature Enhancement

    • Updated the existing PowerSchool on-demand integration (Import Data) to pull extended contacts from Powerschool.

    • User accounts for parents can be created for students that have records in clevr.


  • Feature Enhancement

    • A new option, “Create Copy”, has been implemented within the Form Management module which enables the user to make a copy of a form. The option to include reports is available if the form has HTML reports associated with it. This implementation also addresses an issue where the parent form would stay locked for editing when copied.

    • A new option, “Delete Form”, has been implemented within Form Management module which allows the user to delete the form and the records associated with it. The form cannot be deleted if it is assigned as a default form for a role or user.