Release Date: August 21st, 2021


  • The Editor now includes max-limit attribute to control and set limits to the number of times an Editor-Repeater custom type can be added within a form.


  • Students records that are manually removed will no longer be added back to the home screen or dashboard when an integration runs.


  • A new card for the Form Management module has been developed which grants users the ability to assign permissions to a form for each role similar to the Configuration Module.

  • Users with the Form Management role now have the ability to associate a form to multiple categories.


  • The Metrics Card on the Dashboard has been expanded to include additional flags. A single element now supports having multiple metrics flags based on the value selected – For example if a dropdown has options of limited, satisfactory, and unknown, a single flag can be created to count the records that have either “limited” or “satisfactory” selected within the field.


  • Form name can now be added to both the subject line and body of an email.

  • Form elements (checkbox descriptions, text areas and radio button descriptions) are now displayed in the body of an email notification.

  • Added the ability to view and manage notifications that have been associated to a form.

  • On Notifications where “exclude sending email” has been selected, the notification gets added to the notification board but it will refrain from sending an email.


  • Status page added to the Record Rollover module displaying the number of records and locations processed.


  • Add Record Status field can now be filtered under the Persons field


  • Homerooms classes data can now integrate into clevr for clients using Maplewood Integration