Release Date: February 9th, 2021


  • PowerSchool Integration

    • Refactored the PowerSchool SIS Integration routine to use PowerQueries to get data to support concurrent enrollment. When enabled for a tenant, PowerSchool Concurrent Enrollment allows co-teachers to be able to access their students and allows options students to be accessible at all schools they are enrolled in. This functionality has only been enabled for clients who have specifically requested it.

  • Text File Integration

    • Updated the Text File SIS Integration routine logic so that the gender field is optional instead of mandatory.

  • Import Data On-Demand Integration

    • Updated the On-Demand Integration function to optimize the performance of Import Data on student records. Triggering an import data on a student record was taking a very long time, now data will be temporarily cached for the call. Additional logging has also been added, if an error occurs this will be logged within the OnDemandErrors.log.


  • Added support to generate student accounts based on the Tenant Settings. When a tenant has been flagged with “CreateStudentAccounts”, student user accounts will be automatically generated. Creating Student Accounts requires the below conditions:

    • Creates student accounts for active and pre-registered students

    • Accounts will only be created if the student has a valid email address

    • If the “CreateStudentAccountsGrades” flag is set, then only accounts for specified grades will be generated

    • clevr account passwords are randomly generated, as LDAP / AD / SSO logins are required for this functionality


  • The foundation for the upcoming new Dashboard to support clevr components such as Listings, Metrics, Quick Links, Menu, and Location Select has been created.


  • The “GetRecord” function is used within printouts to get data from a specific element. This function has been optimized to cache the data for a record when printing reports.



  • DDSB – Resolved an issue surrounding duplicate school locations for DDSB.

  • ASD – Resolved an issue for Abbotsford that was preventing the text files from integrating when they were uploaded to the file root directory.

  • LSSD – Resolved an issue for LSSD that was causing “all entries” log printouts to duplicate records on SLP Logs, Psychologist Log, OT Log, Social Worker Log, PT Log, and School Counsellor Log.