Release Date: December 4th, 2020


  • If CLASI integration is enabled, new settings have been added to the clevr Form Editor. A new option to select the document type based on the list of available options within the CLASI API. This will be used to generate the document title when the report is created.

  • If the document type has not been set within the Editor for the form specified, an error message will be generated letting the user know the document type must be defined before the report will generate.


  • Previously when a new field was flagged for search on a form it would take up to 30 minutes after publish for this newly flagged field to return results. This has been updated so that all newly flagged items will return results immediately after publication.


  • JK, PK, SK and K grade level values in PowerSchool are stored as 0 and -1. Logic has been implemented to convert 0 and -1 values to JK/PK or SK/K when import data is triggered on a form.


  • Forms

    • Resolved an issue that was stopping show / hide logic from working correctly on the BTPS – ISP form

    • Resolved an issue that was causing a repeater to overlap the bottom of the form when triggered.

    • Added logic to the DDSB IEP so that form to form integration is blocked when “Student is not formally identified but requires special education program” is selected in the reason for developing IEP field.

  • Grid View Data Entry

    • Resolved an issue with Grid View Data Entry that was preventing school dropdowns from loading correctly.

  • Advanced Search

    • Resolved an issue with duplicate descriptions that caused Advanced Search from returning results when two or more descriptions were the same.

  • Account Automation

    • Resolved an issue with role precedence for Pembina Trails School Division.