Release Date: October 2nd, 2020


  • Added a setting to the Notification Board Administrator view module to enable or disable notifications. Disabled notifications will be deactivated and removed from the notification boards of all users.

  • Added functionality to the Notification Board to support archiving notifications. An additional setting to reactivate notifications has also been created.


  • Two new Editor Custom Types (“Common: Validated Input” & “Common: Validated Input Time of Day”) have been developed that validate input to control what formatting or type of data can be inserted into a field. These custom types are only able to validate user input, it is restricted for import data or form to form integration.


  • A new module has been created to upload and validate text files (locations, staff, student, student demographics, classes, etc).


  • clevr Form Editor

    • Resolved an issue with the Rich Text Editor Custom Type that was preventing it from working correctly.

  • User Account Automation

    • In SSO  implementations with parent logins, staff who were also parents were occasionally being logged into their parent accounts instead of their staff accounts when the email address between the accounts were the same. We enhanced the login to use role precedence to locate the correct account when multiple matches are found. If role precedence is not defined then RoleID is used as the priority.

  • Printouts

    • Resolved an issue with parent account implementations that was preventing parents from being able to generate printouts.

  • Dynamic Charting

    • Resolved an issue with Dynamic Charting that was preventing charts from generating.

  • Forms / Records

    • Resolved an issue affecting multiple clients that caused the records of inactive students to disappear from the Homescreen unless a user hit the add button.

    • Resolved an issue on many forms that was causing only a single school to appear in the school dropdown on forms.