Release Date: May 7th, 2020


  • Updated the menu in clevr to give it a fresh, modern look. The update will allow for a more responsive clevr on different devices.


  • Added functionality to the Login Audit Log module to capture active directory login methods in addition to standard clevr logins including LDAP, ADFS, SSO. We also added two additional reporting fields – login type and user match. When a login fails for ADFS or SSO methods the attribute that caused the failure will also be captured if the attributes sent back to clevr do not match a clevr user account (ex: clevr username).


  • The number of database calls has been significantly reduced which will help reduce loading times significantly.


  • Created a new status within the Advanced Search module for “Transferred Out” students. The “Transferred Out” status is automatically applied to students who are no longer registered within the district. The status filter within the Advanced Search module has also been changed from a dropdown to a multi-select to support dynamic filtering.


  • Client Specific

    • BSD – Resolved an issue with the repeaters on the TIP subtab of the BSD Student Specific Plan that was causing pressing the repeater to render the entire page blank.

    • GSSD – Implemented functionality on the GSSD Speech and Language Contact Tracking to support uploaded files being accessible from any log entry instead of just the record they were initially attached to.

    • GSCS – Resolved an issue on the GSCS – Running Records custom report that was causing pie charts to generate a blank tab.

    • DDSB – Resolved an issue for DDSB that was preventing import data from working on a student’s record.