Release Date: Jan 9th, 2019


  • Added functionality to populate location demographics information into a form based on a selection within the location dropdown.


  • Integration – The access token for import data calls for PowerSchool clients would fail intermittently. Added functionality to retry all requests if they fail on the first attempt with a set delay between calls to the server (500 ms). In addition the connection / web request has been updated to close properly.

  • User Module – Resolved an issue with the User Module on the clevr tenant that was causing it to get caught in an endless load when attempting to access it.

  • Bulk Data Entry

    • Resolved an issue where multiple elements within a repeater were updated with the Bulk Data Entry module a new instance was created for each element. Now only one instance is created.

    • Resolved an issue with the Bulk Data Entry module that was preventing checkboxes from being unchecked with the module.

  • Report Editor – Resolved an issue with the Report Editor that was preventing the title of the report from displaying correctly if special characters were used within the title.

  • Access Rights – Resolved an issue on the Internet Explorer browser where access rights were rendering incorrectly.

  • Client Specific

    • Centre Nord – Resolved an issue with the Bulk Printing Module that was blocking OptionsLists that contained special characters from filtering correctly.