Release Date: Sept 4th, 2019


  • Implemented as New function to send notifications based on person group and owner of the group. A notification can now be deployed to one or more group owners. Added an option for “Users Direct Supervisor” in the “Roles to Notify” field within the Tenant Module -> Email Notification -> clevr Notification Editor.


  • Resolved an issue introduced with the 13.2 release that caused a significant delay within the User Module when attempting to save / update an account. The Stored Procedure was refactored to minimize the delay while updating User Accounts.

  • Adding functionality to automatically populate a value of “true” into the clevr managed setting when the field is blank and the account is updated.


  • Implemented a new feature to add a delete action to repeaters. Previously there was only an add action. Any JavaScript function can be incorporated to the onRepeaterDelete action.


  • Email Scheduler – Added functionality to the email scheduler to notify the user if the previously scheduled email failed. “Saved search” and “shared search” have also been removed from the headings of emails deployed with this module.

  • Tenant Module – Fixed an issue within the Tenant Module that was preventing forms that have custom permissions applied from displaying correctly.