Release Date: July 23rd, 2019


  • For clients using Active Directory for user account creation, an option to include AD/SAML Account Name as part of the integration process has been created. A new table within the SISPersons table called “ADAccountName” has been created to facilitate this process. The “AD/SAM Account Name” field within the User Module is populated using the AD Integration process on SIS Integration 2.0.


  • When any user creates a new form or a copy of a form, rights are now automatically applied for the clevr admin and superuser roles on the clevr tenant to allow any form to be added to a sandbox.


  • Implemented a Student Information System configuration tab within the Tenant Module to insert settings for Maplewood, PowerSchool, or Text File Integration. This feature is available for the clevr Support Team only currently and will help facilitate faster turn-around times for new tenant setups or SIS changes.


  • New school dropdown option available for forms to display the city / town where the school is located. This option is perfect for districts with multiple schools that have the same name to assist end users with making the correct selection. The city / town name is displayed after the name of the school within brackets – Ex: Bayview School (Belleville).


  • User Module – Resolved an issue with the User Module that was causing some persons to have the “Project Manager” role assigned to them.

  • Tenant Module – Resolved an issue where newly created roles would see “ghost” menu options that their roles did not have permission to. Clicking on the “ghost” menu items would yield a white screen as the role did not have access to the module. Now newly created roles will only see menu items for modules they have rights for.