Release Date: July 11th, 2019


  • New Page Rights for Record History Audit – Added a Tenant Module clevr page right to be able to grant roles other than clevr Admin access to the Record History Audit Log implemented in clevr V12.4. When granted, the Record History Audit Log gives a user the ability to see changes made to records including the date and the name of the user who made the update.

  • AD / LDAP Parameters for Location and Role Alignment – Added a new section to manage AD Security Group configuration within the Tenant Module to configure LDAP and moved settings to an LDAP Configuration tab with a section to support multiple security groups.


  • New School Dropdown that Displays the City or Town the School is Located In – A new school dropdown custom type has been created. This new dropdown displays the name of the school with the name of the city or town the school is located in within brackets. When this dropdown has been added to the form, it will look like this: Douglas Elementary (Toronto). This will greatly help districts distinguish between locations when there are multiple schools with the same name. If there is no value in the city name field, the dropdown will display N/A.

  • New File Upload Custom Type – A new file upload custom type has been created. Within the Editor it can be found labelled “Common: File Upload and View”. This custom type will work within a repeater and allows you to upload seperate files to different tabs.


  • Tenant Module – Increased the character limit of the proprietary role ID field within the tenant module

  • Advanced Search, Bulk Data Entry, Bulk Print

    • Changed Background Colour – The background colour in Advanced Search, Bulk Data Entry, and Bulk Print has been changed from grey to white

    • Unable to Search with a Text Input Field Resolved an issue introduced in clevr V12.5 that blocked the ability to search text input fields.

  • Forms – Resolved an issue preventing the school query from working when SIS integration was not enabled on the field

  • Notifications – Resolved an issue preventing notifications from being deployed when the school name contained an apostrophe