Release Date: May 2019


  • Ability for clevr Team Members to efficiently implement settings including:

    • Configuration settings for AD/LDAP in Tenant Module

    • Configuration settings for PowerSchool

    • Private forms configuration


  • The initiativeID (used for flagging for advanced  search, bulk data entry, etc) can now be found in the options accordion

  • Additional alerts including an alert to the user if a new layout is created without an initiative ID in Page Properties

  • Drag and drop is here! Multiple elements can now be selected at once and dragged into place. Press the CTRL button to grab multiple elements. Works with the arrow keys or mouse!


  • Homescreen – Resolved the issue on the Homescreen (also referred to as the 4500 screen) where if the user attempted to search using a single checkbox, the page reloaded without any search parameters and never yielded any results.

  • Email Function – When a user had “all locations” selected in the location dropdown and attempted to send an email an error would occur. This has been resolved.

  • User Module – Fixed a typo in the User Module Proprietary ID field.

  • Forms

    • The message deployed when apply to all was successful has been changed from “Student records update successfully.” to “The records have been updated successfully”

    • Resolved an issue that caused forms with iFrames to ignore the DoNotClone attribute

  • Advanced Search – Resolved the issue where Saved Searches stayed with the user account even if the account is moved to a different tenant and no longer has access to the form.

  • Bulk Printing – Resolved an issue that was preventing Bulk Print from working with both HTML and C# Printouts (Legacy Printouts) at the same time

  • Client Specific – Pembina Trails – Resolved an issue where a clinical database file was run as an integration file