Release Date: October 17th, 2017


  • Massive overhaul to the existing integration routines. Now locations, staff, students, and classes integrations will be running every night for every SIS type – Maplewood, PowerSchool, and Text File. New students / classes etc will now have a next day turnaround reflected in clevr.


  • Massive security updates have been applied including:

    • Encrypting all modules

    • Strengthening protections against XSS attacks, SQL injections, clickjacking


  • Custom PowerQueries developed to populate Learner Support Plans, ELLs, and Requests for Support with EIE & ELL codes


  • Notifications

    • Fixes deployed for various notification related issues:

      • When a student’s last name contained a space or if there were two last names, the auto login link would take you to the login screen. This has been corrected, users will now be logged into their clevr account when clicking on the notification link.

      • Corrected an issue where notifications were failing to send

      • If a user clicked on files & links or the email icon then sent a notification, the notification would take you to that module instead of the record. This has been corrected.

  • Editor – Corrected an issue that prevented users from updating the name of a form to contain an apostrophe (Ex: Plan d’enseignement différencié)

  • Login Screen – Corrected an issue that applied ready only rendering to the login screen after a user visited a locked record and then logged out

  • Alerts Module – Corrected missing permission issue that was causing the Alerts module to load a -1 screen.

  • Client Specific – Calgary Catholic School District – Made an update to the PowerSchool integration routine that was preventing users from being deactivated at locations they used to work at

  • Client Specific – Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre – Corrected an issue with the Editor that caused an error message when attempting to copy a form

  • Client Specific – Durham District School Board – Updated a stored procedure that was replacing dashes with a soft hyphen in Advanced Search which caused Excel to convert it to a string