Our clients believe that relationships and community can solve the world’s biggest challenges – and so do we.

Our technology is being implemented to bridge the gap between manual processes and evidence-based decision making. Automating repetitive tasks so that there is more time to spend teaching and learning.

We have a wide variety of clients each supporting between 100 – 130,000 students. From small independent schools to large school boards and districts, Anglophone / Francophone, Catholic / Public. We have experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes.

Student Services Coordinator

In the end, we’re getting the best product but also getting the best process too, because we are coming together.

Senior Business Official of Business Services

Reduced staff time maintaining multiple applications will provide a cost savings of $68,486.00

Speech & Language Pathologist

The task of creating a report shell with name, conservatively used to take 10-12 hrs prior to clevr.

Director of Finance & Administration

RCMP school resource officer pulled clevr up on his phone and showed us - here’s all my schools that I have access to.

Director of Finance & Administration

Schools can clone last year’s plan- the principals were very excited about that feature, it saves them time!!

Clinical Team Lead

clevr has been a huge gift to myself as a clinical supervisor, making the data collection seamless

Director of Education

Anytime something is related to students, I think of how we can get it into clevr.

Student Services Coordinator

Our Superintendent has discussed with all the schools that she wants everything in clevr.

Division Principal, Student Services

By far the most important aspect of this was an increase in good planning for students and their families