This document will walk you through how you can update a dropdown style notification.

  • Use the Form Manager to make sure the form is not currently locked for editing. If it’s not, open the Editor.

  • Open the Editor and modify the dropdown to include the new value. You will need to make note of this exact value as it will be required in a later step.

  • Navigate into the form manager, select the appropriate form, then navigated into the Notifications Card. Click on the appropriate notification to open the Notification Editor.

  • The “Notification Name” value is used within the code that sends the notification. Within the edit notification page, you are unable to modify the notification name because if you do you will break it, so this was implemented as a safety feature. You can however copy it which allows you to change the name. Click the copy button in the top right corner:

  • Within the new copy of the notification, update both the notification name and notification description to the new value, make sure the correct email is selected, and hit save. Be careful to update the notification name in the copy before you hit save. Once saved, as noted above, a notification name can not be modified.

  • Delete the old notification. You always want to delete unnecessary notifications otherwise it gets really cluttered and confusing.